Need Storage? Reach for the Sky

Blue Sky Storage is your ideal partner for portable storage in Burlington and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Whether you’re a homeowner, small business, or large enterprise, we offer convenient and secure solutions for all your storage needs. Portable storage gives you the flexibility to pack at your own site, and your own pace.

How Blue Sky Works

We Deliver Your Container

Your container is delivered right to your door. No need for anyone to be home. Just let us know where you want it to go. Our delivery system is very nimble so we can maneuver a container into almost any space including driveways, yards and parking lots.

You Pack It

Pack your container at your own site and your own pace. No travel required, no rush. Need boxes, tape or other packing supplies? we’ve got you covered. Plus we have lots of packing tips to help you get started.

We Pick It Up

Once you’ve packed your container, just let us know and we’ll come pick it up. Our lifting system ensures that your container remains level at all times, so you don’t need to worry about your things being damaged. You can also keep your container at your site for easy access.

We Store It

Your container is stored at our secure, climate controlled facility for as long as you need. And if you want to add or remove anything, just give us a call.

Choosing the size that's right for you

8’ Container

At 8’ by 8’ by 8’ this unit is perfect for storing the equivalent of a 1-bedroom condo or small apartment.

16’ Container

At 16’ by 8’ by 8’ this unit is ideal for storing the furniture and contents from 3 to 4 rooms. (e.g. 1-2 x beds, a full dining set, entertainment systems, appliances and/or boxes…)
Not sure what size you need? Contact us and we’ll help put together a personalized quote.
Pricing Details

The Blue Sky Advantage

Here are just a few reasons why Blue Sky is the best solution for your portable storage needs:
Secure: our units have built in hardware for tie-downs, and they stay level when loading and unloading to prevent damage from shifting
Durable: our units are the best on the market - steel frame and sides, weather stripping and vents prevent damage from pests and moisture
Safe: our site is fenced, locked, has video monitoring 24/7, and offers climate controlled indoor storage
Convenient: pack at your site on your terms, and easily schedule pickups and relocations using our online portal
Value: we ensure our prices are competitive. and have everything you need for a seamless storage experience (boxes, tape, dollies, straps etc.)
PODs Blue Sky
Quality Some metal frame, some wood, some plastic sides/roofs All steel construction
Access Roll-up doors Hinged doors
Security You lock up You lock up, then we double lock*
Delivery Method Podzilla: a large machine requiring a lot of clearance Mule: a small, agile machine that keeps your contents level when loading and unloading, can manoeuvre a unit into a parking space between cars, and won’t damage your lawn.
* Applies to indoor storage arrangement
Need Storage? Reach for the Sky.
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